Portfólio de Fotografias - Pedro Luz Cunha
Planalto Palace, Brasilia, Brazil Kings College, Cambridge, England Penthouse Gardens Bruges Changing of Brazilian Flag Ceremony in Brasilia, Brazil Doves Cot (Three Powers Square, Brasilia, Brazil) Justice Statue (Three Powers Square, Brasilia, Brazil) Republic Attorney General Building (Brasilia, Brazil) Orford Castle, Orford, England, UK Juscelino Kubistcheck Bridge (Brasilia, Brazil) Igrejinha de Fátima (Fatima Chapel), Brasilia, Brazil

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photographer Pedro Luz Cunha.
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Doves Cot (Three Powers Square, Brasilia, Brazil)

Doves Cot
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photographer: Pedro Luz Cunha | shooting date: 20 Oct 2003 (Monday) | country: Brazil | location: Brasilia | in galleries: Brasilia, Architecture | categories: All, Travel, Cityscapes, Architecture | currently browsing: sort by: publish order (asc), category: All
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